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Short Code VS Long Code SMS: find the right method for your organization

This age is the age of fast-forwarding communication. A piece of information remains of no use if not sent on time. With the increasing use of mobile phones, enterprises are now showing interest in using mobile-based methods for doing promotional activities. SMS has evolved to be a very easy method for establishing an effective communication network with the existing and potential customers. Nowadays, the most common methods of sending the Bulk SMS is by using short code or long code.

Nowadays with the introduction of strict regulations for the interaction by a company with its customers, the use of short code and long code SMS has increased.

About short code SMS

The short code is also known as Common Short Code that is CSC. Basically, it is a five to six digit phone number that customers can lease. There are two kinds of shortcodes - Shared Short Codes and Dedicated Short Codes. The former is used by multiple users while the dedicated short code is a kind of code which can be used by a single user only. The customer can actually choose a specific one according to his /her choice. If you are good with one way communication then you can use this method.

Advantages of using short code SMS

If we talk about the shared short code SMS, you can send multiple SMS messages to a number of users at one time. Due to which they are popularly used in marketing campaigns. The dedicated short code, on the other hand, gives a better brand recognition and control mechanism. With this service, the entrepreneur has the option to pay the cost of the message sent by the customer. Thus the end user does not pay which promote attendee growth.

About long code SMS

The long code SMS, on the other hand, is a 10 digit long phone number. It is also called a virtual mobile number. Every organization can have its own long code, unlike the short code which is often shared by some brands together. It is available internationally also which make it more impact full.

Advantages of this service

When you use long code SMS, you require a minimal setup time. You can not believe actually but it is possible to successfully run a long code number within few hours of getting it. There is no need to buy separate numbers for calling and messaging as you can send messages and make calls with the same number if you use long codes. Due to this, you can have a better customer reach because the customer does not have to use a different number for a different purpose. In this competitive age where the users want a customized treatment, you can provide it to them by long codes. With the help of long code SMS, the customers can have a personalized two-way conversation which makes their whole experience more satisfied. Apart from this, the long codes are used in sending reminders, confirmations, alerts etc. The organizations which belief in effective two-way communication should use Long Code Services.

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